Slovenija: reflections

It’s October. This is the month when I moved to Slovenija all of… 14 years ago. It’s staggering to me that it’s been so long since I moved there and so long since I’ve moved away. It feels like a lifetime ago, and also like a moment ago, all at the same time.


There are things about that exquisite gem of a country that I will never be able to forget: soft, warm meadows with a solitary cow grazing; snow-peaked mountains shining in the icy morning light; roofed hay racks, sweetly dotting the countryside; snow drop flowers popping up shyly in the spring forest. I could go on, yet while I see – and almost smell and taste – the beauty of those moments, I know that they are mine and cannot be fully translated.

Let me try to show you with some images just how magical Slovenija is, just how real;  how everyday and simultaneously how heavenly.*

Island in the middle of Bled Lake in Slovenia, with the mountains in the distance


*Please note that none of the images in this post were taken by me, but are free for use with no attribution required.

4 thoughts on “Slovenija: reflections

  1. Thank you for this post and the photos. No matter where I have gone in the world, I have never seen any other country that can match Slovenia’s beauty. There are really no words for it; it is just like a fairy tale! Most of my favorite memories are also linked to experiencing its natural beauty. I also treasure having had the opportunity to live a very simple and natural lifestyle in a country that is very much in touch with its rich culture, its centuries-old traditions, and especially with the land. In fact, when I am reading your posts about baking, knitting, or gardening, I often think of Slovenia and the skills I learned there: how to do some of the most ordinary things of everyday life extraordinarily well, and how to really enjoy and take pride in them. I am also grateful for all of the not-so-common skills I learned from the Sloven people, that are being “lost” in many other contexts. While having learned how to manufacture cures from herbs, harvest honey, or make cheese with milk straight from the cow may not come in handy every day now, they are things that I am grateful to have learned. Thank you again for posting; it brought back so many memories!

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    1. Hello Sarah, thank you so much for this heartfelt comment. It’s so wonderful to know someone who loves Slovenia as much as I do and to be able to share in so many lovely memories of that beautiful place.


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