Back again with butterfly wedding cake photos

Wedding cake with butterflies and blue ribbons

Spring has passed, summer is waning, and fall is soon to arrive. It's hard to believe that so much time has passed! While I did mention a few months ago that my posts might become less frequent, I did not imagine that such a long time would pass before posting again. Life gets busy for … Continue reading Back again with butterfly wedding cake photos

Six months blogging, 6-“monthiversary”

Dear readers, Six months have passed since I began the blogging journey. A lot has happened in my life since the day I wrote my first post, and a lot has happened here at Susy's Home and Hearth, too. You'll find 33 of my original recipes, several posts on knitted items and DIY projects, several … Continue reading Six months blogging, 6-“monthiversary”

Spring is coming and other thoughts

Hello there! Is anyone else dreaming of spring? In some areas of the world spring is already in full swing. Here, where I live, the first day of spring is fast approaching but the weather is far from "springy". We had another sprinkling of snow last night. That isn't keeping me from thinking of nice … Continue reading Spring is coming and other thoughts