Apple tea cake (apple tart)


At the end of September my husband, daughter and I went to a local apple orchard to pick apples. Isn’t that such a fun, autumny thing to do? We gathered a half bushel of cortlands and prime golds.

I was determined to use up the apples, and not just let them sit in the sack in the corner of the room.  So I’ve been on the search for recipes with apples as the leading ingredient. My internet searches yielded an amazingly simple and beautiful recipe by Natasha of Natasha’s Kitchen.

Here’s the link to her recipe:

For the most part I followed the recipe as written, but I did substitute about 1/4 cup of almond milk for the 1/3 cup of cream that the recipe called for. (My household is not dairy-free, but I simply had no dairy milk or cream on hand at the time.)

The cake came out truly delightful, and although it looked so impressive, it did not require too much of my time.

Apple tea cake with sliced apples, cinnamon


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