Entertaining with the Madeleine cake: gateau madeleine

Madeleine cake, gateau madeleine with fresh strawberries

Recently my sister’s fiance came to visit. I wanted to make some sort of cake or dessert to welcome him, but wasn’t sure what would be best.

My sister recommended a “Madeleine” cake, as she remembered eating a piece together with her fiance one time, and recalled him liking it.

I have to admit that I had no real idea of what a Madeleine cake was. I wondered whether it might be like those shell-shaped madeleine “cookies”. My sister said no.

So, good old Google came to the rescue. I found a few websites with the Madeleine cake recipe, although not very many, to be honest.

Madeleine cake, gateau madeleine recipe

In any case, I chose the recipe site that seemed the most appealing, and made the cake.

It was lovely: not too sweet, light, and simple.

I adorned it with thin slices of fresh strawberries, as my sister had described it as a cake served with fresh fruit on top.

It really is quite easy, as it doesn’t call for any frosting, icing, or filling. All that is needed is the baked cake, cut into nice rectangles or desired shape, with fresh fruit on top.

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