Spring is coming and other thoughts

Hello there!

Is anyone else dreaming of spring? In some areas of the world spring is already in full swing. Here, where I live, the first day of spring is fast approaching but the weather is far from “springy”.

We had another sprinkling of snow last night.

That isn’t keeping me from thinking of nice weather, daffodils, little tiny green leaf buds, and sunshine, though.


Last spring I filled my white wooden planters with new guinea impatiens.

They really did look gorgeous.

This year, though, I am contemplating trying out a new flower for them. The new guinea impatiens were lovely, but the amount of sun my balcony had during the hot afternoon often caused them to droop. They always perked back up, but I think that an even more sun tolerant plant might be nice.

Home Baking

On the baking front, I have been busy practicing recipes and planning fillings for a wedding cake I will be making in April! Not my own, obviously, as I am already married.

The cake should be lovely, once fully baked, filled, assembled, and decorated. I will definitely post pictures and tell you all about it later on.


Recently I haven’t taken up any new knitting projects, as other activities have been keeping me busy. It’s often in the back of my mind that I’d like to start up another knitted garment of some kind, and I’m sure I will, sooner or later.


You may have noticed that recently I have been posting a lot of recipes. Many of these are ones I have created myself. I hope you are enjoying them, trying them out, getting inspiration from them, or just having fun reading about them!

Simply Living

Life is never totally simple for anyone… and as a matter of fact, my life is often far from simple, too. Just the same, I hope that the wholesome, home-like, simple things I post about here on Susy’s Home and Hearth bring you some joy as you live your everyday life.

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