Pumpkin spice pancake recipe

Soft, fuffy pumpkin spice pancakes on a plate with maple syrup and a pat of butter

A few days ago I posted about a great, fluffy pancake recipe. After having made that one, I decided to make a pumpkin pancake recipe of my own. My recipe is inspired by and roughly based off that fluffy pancake recipe.* These pumpkin hotcakes are soft, warmly spiced, and lovely for the autumn. Ingredients 2 … Continue reading Pumpkin spice pancake recipe

Knitted sweater dress in earth-tones

Last Christmas Eve I finished knitting a dress. It was definitely a go-to outfit a good many times last winter, and it's proving to be invaluable this fall, too. It is made of Mountain Top Vail yarn, a mix of 70% baby alpaca and 30% bamboo viscose: so soft, light, warm and smooth! Vail is … Continue reading Knitted sweater dress in earth-tones