Thanksgiving thankfulness

At the moment I am sitting in my favorite chair, a comfortable wooden rocker with brown paisley print upholstery on the cushions. The floor lamp is casting a warm light over my shoulder, and my daughter’s red, plastic slide and polka-dotted tent and tunnel are situated casually in front of me on the floor.

Pumpkin in front of white crate

Outside it’s gloomy and cold, but inside, as my little girl sleeps, peace and quiet reign in my home and I have time to sit, reflect, and enjoy a beautiful moment of stillness.

There are so many things for which to be thankful, and many of these “things” are not things at all, but rather they are intangible realities: love, friendship, a sense of belonging, peace of mind, emotional and physical well-being.

There are so many things for which to be thankful…

It’s easy to take for granted or overlook the goodness in life, until what we value the most is taken away, damaged, or lost. I am so fortunate to have this moment in which to be thankful, silent, and thoughtful and to have the physical and emotional space and safety to do so.

With wishes of love, joy, and happiness: Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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