Getting through post-holiday blues

Welcome to 2019 dear friends, family, and fellow-people! Christmas is my favorite holiday: it's filled with joyful memories, cheerful celebrations and it really just feels like a magical time. Moving into the new year after a time of festivity and time-off can be challenging. The weather may or may not be damp, cold or dreary … Continue reading Getting through post-holiday blues

Being okay with the everyday

I can hear laughing in the background.  Well, not really. I can imagine laughter in the background. Why? To be honest, I am not always "okay with the everyday". While from my exterior I might simply appear sweet and kind (which sure, I am), I am actually a highly competitive person, too. A cabled sweater I … Continue reading Being okay with the everyday

Sleeping in the car the night before my interview at Yale

Aren't road trips great? A few years ago I drove out to Connecticut for an interview at Yale. I know, crazy. What was I doing there? I was a somewhat non-traditional college student, starting my studies in my mid-twenties, instead of the typical late-teens. The first two years of my four-year college education began at … Continue reading Sleeping in the car the night before my interview at Yale