A winter walk in the woods

Who ever said that the winter was dreary?

Oh yeah.

I did.

Where I live the winter really does linger on into the time that rightly belongs to the spring. The gray days seem to stretch on without end.

Today I went for a walk in the woods, and while it was sunny before I set out, once I got to the park the sun had hidden itself away again.

Yet, just the same I will venture to say that amid the white, the grays, the browns, and the earthy tones of half frozen, mushy mud, I saw many pops of gorgeous color.

Some of us may have heard of the many shades of green found in Ireland. Well, a winter woodland must have just as many shades of brown and gray: reddish, orange-ish, tan, coal-like hues, and more.

If we look with a discerning eye we’ll discover much more than just plain old brown. I hope the pictures you find here allow you to experience the humble glory of a winter deciduous forest on an ordinary gray day in March.

Moss tucked up next to the roots of a tree.
A tree stump, turned fuzzy green.
The few young evergreens brightened our view.
Florescent green moss on a decaying log.
Little red berries caught our eye.
The frosty-mint tones of lichens.

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