Banana cream sandwich cake

A few weeks ago I made a genoise cake for the first time. It was a practice run, as I was planning to make a fraisier cake, which uses a genoise sponge.

So, there I was with a lovely plain genoise sponge. And what to do with it?

At that point I didn’t have much in the way of fresh fruit in the house, but I did have bananas and heavy whipping cream.

The genoise was sliced in two, moistened with a simple vanilla sugar syrup and then filled with sliced bananas and a generous amount of fresh chantilly cream.

The bananas were preemptively covered in lemon juice, to keep them looking fresh. The lemon actually added a nice, tangy taste to the sweetness of the cake.

Finally, the cake was sprinkled with powered sugar: so simple, so good!

2 thoughts on “Banana cream sandwich cake

  1. Whenever I cook a cake. I know that I’m not supposed to have a lot of stuff sweet and not a lot of carbs. I have dear sweet neighbors that are not diabetic and I share my endeavors with them I build the cake and make it perfect I save one third of the cake and I give the rest away.

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    1. Hi Delores, what a great way to enjoy a treat, while considering your health and thinking of your neighbors at the same time. I think being able to share food with others is one of the best parts of cooking. Take care.


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