Light and airy mohair-silk knit poncho

Have you ever wanted to wear a deliciously soft, fluffy cloud on your shoulders? Talk about a sweet and light burden!

Recently I finished knitting a gorgeous, light-as-air mohair and silk poncho for my sister.

Airy mohair and silk hand knit poncho

Mohair is a very light-weight and warm natural fiber that comes from angora goats. I chose a yarn of “kid” mohair, that is, the fiber that comes from young goats, and is sumptuously soft.

This was a fun knit because the pattern was so simple. I mostly followed the pattern, but I did make a few adaptations to suit my needs.

My sister loved the poncho, and I was so glad to be able to make a garment for her that she never would have been able to find in a store. It really was made to her specifications and made with love.

Mohair and silk hand knit poncho in beige

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