Day at the greenhouse: tropical escape

This morning my daughter, husband and I went to the local botanical gardens where there is a very large greenhouse. We love to go there in the winter because the lushness, flowers, and warm earthy scent are so rejuvenating and can’t be found outdoors.

Gorgeous white orchids with yellow throats

Being there really does feel like stepping into a tropical paradise, just for a few wonderful minutes.

There are three separate sections to the greenhouse, one being tropical, the middle Mediterranean, and the third, desert.

I love them all.

The tropical part is simply so lush, so green, and exploding with plants.

Green palms in a greenhouse

The Mediterranean area is special to me because it reminds me of the time I spent living in the Mediterranean. Those plants, trees and flowers are very familiar to me, and it’s a joy to see them again, so close to home.

The desert area is the least humid of the three, obviously, and can be a welcome break, particularly during the summer when the greenhouse is especially hot.

I hope that you have enjoyed this vicarious visit to a greenhouse paradise!

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