Getting through post-holiday blues

Welcome to 2019 dear friends, family, and fellow-people!

Christmas is my favorite holiday: it’s filled with joyful memories, cheerful celebrations and it really just feels like a magical time.

Moving into the new year after a time of festivity and time-off can be challenging.

The weather may or may not be damp, cold or dreary where you live (it certainly is where I live) and that can add to the general feeling of dullness after the holidays. Yet, even beyond that, there’s still plenty to reckon with as the new year unfolds.

I find that I feel the same way after a vacation. Packing my bags for a fun time away is always exciting. Unpacking after the vacation has ended is another matter.

Personally, it’s my hope that this time of lower spirits, quieter times and less hustle and bustle will prove to be a peaceful, thoughtful, and reflective segue into the continuing journey of life.

After all, not much has changed outwardly from December to January, besides the calendar. The celebration of the new year is very much about intangible desires, hopes for change, or perhaps, instead, hopes that alterations will not take place.

The new year is a time of reflection, resolution, and movement into a future in which we place so much hope, such great expectation, or maybe even secret dread.

In my own mind I try to take on a stance of patience and compassion in regard to my emotion during this time of transition from holidays to the new year.

After all, who says that we do or do not need to make a 2019 New Year resolution?

Maybe last year’s or last week’s resolution is plenty.

Maybe getting up, working, cleaning my house, caring for my daughter, bringing her to the petting farm, and folding laundry really is enough for now. And maybe I’m just fine with that, after all.

In other words, my appointment with new year stress is officially cancelled. Happy journey, friends.

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