Attending the local fiber festival


Ever since I heard a coworker talking about the fiber festival about 3 years ago, I have wanted to check it out. Finally this October I had a chance to go and it was worth the trip.

My mother and I went and brought my daughter. I decided that it would be best to let her have free rein to run around for a while first, knowing that if we tried to force her into the stroller straight off that it wouldn’t end well.

My daughter wore her fox Halloween costume and turned a bunch of heads as she ran through the isles of yarns, alpaca-hair teddy bears, and spinning wheels. She particularly loved the angora rabbits. I loved the yarn, yarn and yarn.

These festivals are wonderful opportunities for local artists and entrepreneurs to make themselves known to the community and sell some products, and are also just so fun to explore.

My daughter fell in love with an adorable crocheted lamb, and so I had to get it for her. I was supporting a local artist, wasn’t I?

Anyway, it was adorable.

If you are interested in knitting, spinning, crochet, weaving, basket making or more, consider making a trip to your local fiber fair. It’s well worth it.

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