Being okay with the everyday

I can hear laughing in the background. 

Well, not really. I can imagine laughter in the background.


To be honest, I am not always “okay with the everyday”. While from my exterior I might simply appear sweet and kind (which sure, I am), I am actually a highly competitive person, too.

Knit cabled sweater with peplum in a light purple
A cabled sweater I finished knitting last summer.

When I first started knitting, and began my first real project – which was a simple narrow strip of knitted material, kind of like a scarf – I actually cried over it. It was that bad. Not the knitting, I mean. The knitting was fine for a beginner. My sense of disappointment over that knitted item was real. The sight of that hole-filled specimen brought tears to my eyes.

Yet, after about four years of persistent knitting, those who know me well or have looked over my knitting posts would attest that I am an excellent, skilled knitter.

Here we come around to my point:

I want to – and strive to – be okay with the everyday… for now. 

Everything starts at the beginning. That’s something life reminds me of constantly. 

This blog has started at the beginning, and from the beginning and into the early middle, it will move on. 

Being a parent started at the beginning. Now I’m over two years in, and each day begins again. My daughter shows me everyday how fresh and beautiful young, budding things can be. 

Being a beginner can be a real trial for those of us who, like myself, yearn for the fulfillment of a beautiful dream. Even so, today – with its mistakes, struggles, little and big successes – is deserving of my presence. 

Like my daughter, I want to be delighted by each small happiness of the everyday, while I work toward the fulfillment of the ideal.

*Please note that, out of the photographs in this post, only the one of the sweater was taken by me. The rest were found on

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