The wonder that is Christmas

Christmas has always felt special to me.

As a child I lived in a very snowy area of the US and enjoyed the winter every bit as much as the other seasons. Each day after school I would excitedly bundle up in my many layers of pants, snow pants, sweaters, coat, mittens, scarf, hat, and boots together with my siblings. We would trudge outside pulling our sleds behind us, feeling the beautiful winter stillness, and hearing the sweet subtle sound of thickly falling snow.

Winter can be so lovely, and Christmas is one of its crowning glories.

Nativity with white ceramic figurines and white lights

I am no longer a child, but the joy of Christmas has not left my heart, and I don’t suppose that it ever will.

Now that I am a parent and my daughter is becoming more and more aware of herself and her surroundings, I have the great pleasure of introducing her to this special time of year: this time when the lofty principles of love, generosity, family, faith, and community reign in the hearts of so many.

Photo of a Christmas tree decorated with birds, lights and glass candles

The above photos of nativity set and Christmas tree are my own. I just love the way the sparkling lights glow around the cream-colored porcelain figurines. There is a magic about that nativity. 

My wish for you all is the joy of a child surrounded by love and family at Christmas time. May you experience the peace I have felt while walking outside on a dark, still winter’s night, as the snow falls softly and thickly around.

Christmas tree with colored lights, birds, and glass balls and candles
Susy’s Christmas tree aglow with Christmas cheer

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