Pumpkin cheesecake with chocolate mousse and dark chocolate ganache

Here in the USA we celebrated Thanksgiving last week, as many of you already know. The holiday really is a celebration of family, friends, and good food. So, of course I had to bring a special dessert to the gathering with my family!

I had a dessert recipe in mind since October and was determined to make it reality. Many thanks to Christina and Christina’s Kitchen for the gorgeous recipe I used. It was every bit as delightful as her blog post describes and made a grand impression at my family party.

A rich chocolate ganache and beautiful inside and out…

Piece of pumpkin cheesecake with chocolate mousse and dark chocolate ganache
Here is a slice of that delightful cake!

The cake requires a layer by layer process, which includes making a ginger cookie crumb crust and a layer of pumpkin cheesecake, after which the cake must be cooled completely in the refrigerator before being topped with the mousse.

After the mousse is added, the cake is frozen. A thick and rich ganache is made and poured over the frozen cake, which then needs to defrost in the fridge for several hours. 

The night before my family party I finished the cake decoration with some piped chocolate buttercream frosting on top. It really was a success: beautiful inside and out.

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