Lemon yogurt drizzle cake

A stay-at-home day

Yesterday was a stay-at-home day. The weather is getting colder here, and we just went through the daylight savings time change last weekend.

I would say that we were tired, but I’m not sure that my daughter was. I definitely was. So, she and I stayed home all day and found things to do inside.

Lemon Cake

Lemon yogurt cake on a glass plate with powdered sugar

In the afternoon while she was napping, I looked up a cake recipe.

I had both yogurt and lemons in the fridge and I wanted to use the yogurt before it went bad. My daughter does not seem to like yogurt, although I’ve tried to offer it to her on multiple occasions, and I don’t each much of it myself.

A really great lemon yogurt cake presented itself. That is, I found it online. It’s Ina Garten’s recipe.

The cake itself is pretty simple to make, but I must say I’ve never tasted another lemon cake quite like it. Once baked and allowed to cool for a few minutes, the cooked lemon juice/sugar solution is poured over and allowed to sink into the cake.

The recipe called for a lemon glaze, but I dressed mine with a simple sprinkling of powered sugar. Perfection!

Lemon yogurt cake in front of moka espresso pot and dishes

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