Mini pumpkin cakes by Preppy Kitchen

Yesterday my husband, daughter and I went to an autumn gathering at the home of some friends of ours. We brought an adorable fall dessert that – to my delight – many people at first misconstrued to be gourds for decoration!

Adorable pumpkin-shaped mini pumpkin cakes

My sister found a video on youtube about these adorable cakes and she passed the link on to me. I simply could not resist.

I am very grateful to John of Preppy Kitchen for this delightful recipe. The guests at the party thought they were amazing to look at and delicious to eat, and I absolutely agree. This recipe is a real winner.

Here is the link to the original recipe by Preppy Kitchen:

Small pumpkin bundt cakesThe first step is to bake mini bundt cakes. To make the nice round shape needed to emulate a pumpkin, two little bundts are stuck together with a delicious cream cheese frosting. Then, they are piped with a generous amount of orange-colored buttercream, shaped, chilled in the refrigerator and shaped again.


The preparation is somewhat time-consuming, but the end result is truly worth it.

Adorable pumpkin cakes

Adorable little pumpkin cakes


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