Knitted sweater dress in earth-tones

20181020_201317Last Christmas Eve I finished knitting a dress. It was definitely a go-to outfit a good many times last winter, and it’s proving to be invaluable this fall, too.

It is made of Mountain Top Vail yarn, a mix of 70% baby alpaca and 30% bamboo viscose: so soft, light, warm and smooth! Vail is a fingering weight yarn, so the project required many hours of stockinette stitch in the round… and that’s not a bad thing. Some easy “mindless” knitting is important to pepper in with pieces that require more constant attention.

The pattern for this dress can be found on Ravelry:

It is a beautiful dress, and as you can probably see from the photos, it has a lovely drape to it. I chose to make a few changes and opted for 3/4 length sleeves and a different color-work pattern than the instructions provided.


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