Healing nature

My daughter enjoys visiting the animals at the petting farm, and lucky for me, I enjoy it also. The other day we went and paid our usual visit to the pigs, chickens, and bunnies and fed the goats and sheep those much appreciated carrots.

Picture of a gray horse walking in a field with fall trees in the background

There were some horses out, too. The most docile and sweet, shaggy little pony stood right behind the fence. I don’t think I’ve ever felt a horse with such amazingly soft hair and I could have stayed there to pet its velvety nose for hours. That wasn’t possible, though, with my daughter ready to move on and explore.

The grass was just so lush and green, and the foliage starting to take on more brilliant hues. There is something so peaceful about spending time in nature, something so replenishing. I am truly pleased to see a real love for animals and the outdoors growing within my daughter, as I also value them so much and want to pass on to her a love and respect for nature.


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