Easy fall harvest dinner

Healthy meals are so wonderful and are essential to our physical and – I would say – emotional well-being. It’s so hard to keep on the straight and narrow as far as food is concerned, especially in parts of our world where processed food is so readily available, inexpensive and easy to prepare.

Easy Fall harvest dinner, gluten free, sweet potatoes, sausage, applesCooking is one of my passions, but has been put on the back burner for a while because of the more pressing needs of my toddler. The other day, though, I was able to put together a lovely, healthy, and easy dinner that was also very much kid-approved.

I peeled, sliced into rounds and placed four large sweet potatoes on a parchment paper-lined baking tray. Some of the potatoes got a little sprinkling of cinnamon. Those were ready to go.

Next, I lined a baking pan with parchment again, as I love to avoid big, baked-on messes that need to be scrubbed. I placed sausage links in the pan, generously scattered with orchard fresh apple slices. Finally, I added a splash of water and a bay leaf.

The sweet potatoes were truly sweet and soft and the sausage and apple medley went well together. Everything was baked in the oven and did not require much supervision once it went in. What a quick, easy, and healthy recipe.

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