Strawberry mousse cake

For the last couple of years my mom, sisters, and I (together with husbands and kids) have gathered monthly to spend time together and celebrate birthdays.

strawberry mousse cake, piece of cake with three flavors, vanilla, strawberry and chocolateThis month I decided that I’d really love to make a special dessert to bring. Although there are plenty of family favorite recipes I could turn to, I love to experiment and try new ones. My inspiration this month came partly from the Great British Baking Show and partly from my internet searches.

I have to thank Ricardo for the beautiful recipe I settled on and which I altered just a little.

Here’s the link to his original recipe:

I baked the cake in a rectangular pan and added a chocolate ganache glaze, carefully cutting each square with a knife repeatedly rinsed in boiling hot water. I also added fondant strawberries and strawberry flowers.


One aspect I would try to adjust if I made this recipe again is the spreading of the chocolate ganache over the strawberry mousse layer during cutting.

The cake was definitely a success and greatly appreciated by all. It had a neapolitan flair with the separate layers of vanilla sponge, strawberry mousse and chocolate ganache.



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